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THE passion TO inspirE others

Reece now finds himself working daily, online or face to face, to facilitate and improve the quality of life, self-awareness, personal growth, and mental health of others, especially with parents and youth. Sharing his own unique perspective and experiences in overcoming debilitating anxiety, depression, and tics (involuntary movements). Reece hopes to inspire and engage in real action to create positive change that has a lasting effect.

He shares openly, his insights from his own experience, growing tired of the side effects brought on by medications, lack of self-awareness, and most of all lack of taking any responsibility. Reece made the choice to seek alternative treatment that opened his eyes to a world of self-discovery of emotional, mental and physical healing.

As An advocate for positive mental health and wellbeing, Reece over the past 10 years with his own supports and safe spaces is in the best mental and physical shape of his life, something 10 years ago he never thought was possible.

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