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Youth Mentoring Program:


A program for Teens 12 -18 ( grade 7 and up) to To support and create spaces for young people to truly overcome their blocks, and challenges. To empower them into adulthood, building them up through Strength-based approaches.

Three main pillars that we work under are:

  1. Taking Responsibility (Self Leadership)

  2. Courage & Vulnerability

  3. Positive Mental Health

Who is it for:

Teens 12- 18 (Grade 7 and up) who may be lacking confidence, struggling with what they want or who they are in mental health.


I believe that when I went through my struggles as a late teen and early adulthood I was flying blind with no idea. I was low in confidence, lost, and a worrier and this later turned into a huge struggle of mental health challenges.

How long:

8 weeks of individual sessions or done as a group.


Can be face-to-face or online if not local through Zoom. We can also provide individually tailored sessions.

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Coming Soon
Train the Teen.

We are working on building a program to help train teens 15 and up to become mentors themselves. We ensure they are equipped with tools and support to enable them to support their peers and those around them, giving them the confidence to lead others.


Parent and Adult Coaching:

We run a 8 week program for parents & adults along the same pillars to help build confidence, take self-responsibility and help discover their strengths. Being a group environment this helps to connect with like-minded people also.

  1. Over the eight weeks we cover:

  2. Who are we?

  3. What is your story?

  4. Courage & Vulnerability

  5. Responsibility

  6. What are your core values

  7. Let's create good habits

  8. Self love

  9. Growth mindset and what are you going to create.

Where: This is on-line
When: For 8 weeks.
Time: Thursday nights 7pm.

We also offer one on one sessions with Reece, where you get the chance to get in the arena and really deep dive into yourself.

Master Mind

Once you have completed the 8-week program you are invited to a mastermind group, meeting weekly to help cement and build on the learnings of the 8-week program. You get the chance to connect with other parents to grow, learn and connect.

This mastermind group is for those who are keen to open a whole new world of possibilities for themselves in a safe, non-judgemental space.

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