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Overcome anything was established in 2017 as Reece wanted to create space and work with people to overcome their struggles. This was driven by his own challenges that in his eyes took far too long to overcome due to not having those spaces and more importantly the right people to guide, mentor, and support you at your pace and to meet you where ever you are

We Overcome anything is a safe space for people to gain hope, be inspired, and empowered to know they can become the best version of themselves. Together we can overcome our struggles, and our pain and face those fears that have held us back for so long.

Here we are all about over coming anything, for that to play full out, it is about everyone feeling like they belong, they are heard, and feel empowered to take a stand for each other. We offer different services to help cater needs for all from mentoring, group work, workshops, and keynote speaking.

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About Overcome Anything



To support and create spaces for people to truly overcome their blocks and challenges, and empower them to live a life on their terms.


Here at WOCA our vision is to empower and support others at their pace, to educate people on the benefits of taking full responsibility, working on their mental health and helping the youth of today see their potential.

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